How to Prepare Collard Greens for Wraps

I absolutely love collard green wraps. They are so easy and versatile. You can stuff them with anything and it’s also a great way to get more vegetables into your family’s diet. And, they couldn’t be any easier to prepare. So in today’s post, I am going to share a quick and easy method to prepare collard green leaves for wraps.

How to prepare collard greens for Wraps:

You can easily prepare these at the beginning of the week, store them in the fridge and have them to grab whenever you need to make a quick meal. Like I said before, you can stuff these with anything you like. Make a breakfast burrito, a delicious wrap for dinner, or make a loaded burrito for dinner. The possibilities are endless.

The first step is to trim the stem. Starting At the bottom of each green, cut along the spine on each side using a sharp paring knife and remove the stem.

Now, trim the spine of the collard greens. Cut so that the spine is as flat as the rest of the collard green.

Submerge each collard green into simmering water for 30 seconds. You can leave it in there for longer (40 seconds) if you want your greens a little softer. But don’t leave them in there for too long.

Transfer each collard green leaf to an ice bath (equal parts cold water and ice) and submerge it in the ice bath for at least 15 seconds

Now, place the collard green leaf (one at a time) between two clean paper or kitchen towels and pat the greens completely dry


Your collard green wraps are ready!

You can store your prepared collard green leaves in a glass container with a tight lid and keep it in the fridge for 2-3 days. This makes for easy Meal prep. Just grab a wrap and stuff it with whatever you like. Makes for a quick, easy, delicious and healthy meal.

Our BLT wrap is the perfect place to start to put these collard green wraps to good use.

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I enjoyed reading your tips and the questionsyou answered. How do I follow you? I love trying new things. Never thought about a CG WRAP. Do you put any kind of drsg on thE BLT wrap? Looking forward to seeing you here again

This came out perfect! Thanks for the step by step instructions and pictures! I am on the Autoimmune Protocol diet, and am so excited to actually be able to eat a wrap!

This is most brilliant! Made them tonight – super easy process, and they work better than any other tortilla substitute I’ve tried – romaine, butter lettuce, celery root, etc. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll be making them weekly.

Maybe I am a little late to the “game” here, but I wanted to post a “gracias” anyway. I am a big leafy greens imbiber and was wondering if collards could be used as wraps. I sought this information via a search engine and found your “awesome sauces”. Like dark, leafy greens, it changes my life! Thank you! I have enjoyed these splendours with this recipe and I shall keep it up however long I can.

I hope you’re having fun in this odd and interesting time of of humanity and many blessings!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ! !

Hi Daryl! Thank you so much for your kind words I’m so glad you enjoy this! And i hope you are having fun and finding joy in this time as well.

Game Changer!!! I am trying to stay away from high carbs…ie rice paper wraps! This is going to be awesome. I have a bunch of collards in my yard still. I can’t wait to make your “Spring Rolls with Peanut sauce”. Thanks so much.

YAY!! I am so glad you find this helpful Winn!! Can’t wait to hear what you think of the peanut sauce!

I like to meal prep for my lunch the day or two before. Do you know if these wraps will last a day or two or should I make the wraps the day of?

Thank you ?

You can prep the collard green wraps themselves a few days ahead of them. Then just fill them on the day.

I wouldn’t recommend that. Just store it in the fridge for 6-7 days maximun.

Hi there! I’ve been using collards for wraps for a few years, always struggling with how to get around the stem until I found you. This is the best method ever!!! Thank you so much for putting in the time to share this.

Oh, I am so happy this is helpful for you! That is always my goal to make sure every person who visits finds a recipe or tutorial that is helpful to them. Thank you so much for sharing.

Hi Charlotte,

Quick question – is there an alternative to keeping the wraps in a glass container? I don’t own a top to my glass containers. Was thinking of just using a large Ziploc.